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Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill

06 Dec 2010 | Information law

…with directly elected Police and Crime Commissioners for each police force outside London, and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime for the Metropolitan Police. Police and Crime Commissioners will…

Of Tweeting and Transgender Rights

17 Feb 2020 | Information law

police might take criminal action; (f) he did not explain what escalation meant; (g) ACC Young also publicly referred to escalation; (h) when the Claimant complained, the police responded by…

Privacy, Protests and Policing

20 Mar 2013 | Information law

…the warning letter and remove from their records all references to the decision to serve it. Again, her claim failed at first instance. Before the appeal hearing the police reviewed…

Retention and disclosure of police caution data infringe Article 8

14 Nov 2012 | Information law

…were made on a consensual basis. Disclosure took place in accordance with well-established common law powers of the police. Provisions of the Police Act 1997, introduced in England and Wales…

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It’s My Party and I’ll Cry/Sue for Accreditation if I Want To

10 Jan 2019 | Information law

…was somewhat surprised to be refused accreditation on police security grounds. As it turned out through disclosure, police records had him down as an ‘extreme left wing activist’, because he…

Important new privacy judgment: police retention of protestor’s data not an Article 8 infringement

01 Jun 2012 | Information law

The Admin Court (Gross LJ and Irwin J) has handed down judgment this week in Catt v Association of Chief Police Officers and Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2012]…

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